I’d rather be here than on Facebook 

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Today was ok

Walking heals my soul. Gorgeous autumn colours today.  I need to do some serious walking tomorrow to counterbalance the huge meal I just had. It’s my parents’ ruby wedding anniversary and they took us out to dinner. It was lovely ❤️ Forty years is an amazing achievement. They have given my sister and I, and […]

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What we have been up to lately 

The kids and I are doing a little photography project for Autumn. I bought them a disposable camera each and they are taking one photo every day. The first moment of amazement came when they realised that they couldn’t view the photo immediately after taking it! I felt an immediate sense of nostalgia for my […]

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Honesty is the best policy 

I don’t want to live in my own bubble of joy and grief and excitement and worry. So I tell people, because that is who I am. And also because I think there is so much stigma around the bad stuff. We live in a sanitised world where people put filters on their photos and […]

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I feel really incredibly grateful that I have such lovely friends. A few of us went out drinking last night to celebrate my birthday (which was earlier this week). It was such a lovely evening.  I never used to mark my birthday much but now I feel I am grateful for every year that passes. […]

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Brain tumours

My widow friends and I did our charity walk along the Thames and over the bridges. 25km and we hit our fundraising target for Brain Tumour Research. It was a lovely day, but sobering. We saw a rainbow just as we were approaching the end and feeling like we wanted to give up. We all […]

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Today I cried over my boiler

Because the gas engineers tried to say they couldn’t fix it until Monday, when they had promised it would be done by the weekend.  It’s the small things that set me off. My widows and I are doing our charity walk this weekend and they are supposed to be staying with me. I want them […]

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Is here. My favourite season – possibly because it was the one I was born in to.  I love the cosiness and the colours and the sense of anticipation for Christmas (well, maybe not just yet, don’t hurt me please!) and the gorgeous smell of bonfires. The natural world is closing down again, and I […]

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Kids went back to school today. They both had a good day – lots of things to tell me when I picked them up. We went to the park after school – lots of their school friends too – and accidentally got ice-creams.  I’m sitting here on my gorgeous blue sofa that I bought last […]

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